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Since he asked so politely, we’ve allowed one of our chat room regulars do a quick write up on the Teen Flirt chat. We kept some of his misspellings and slang intact so that he could further get his point across:
“Hey there I'm Tom and I love Teensite chatting and the Teen Flirt Chat in particular is great!  I have never found a more fun online hangout. I love just shooting the shit and talking smack online and Teensite is by far the best online place to do that.  It is also an awesome place to meet some of the coolest people around… if you can ignore the occasional jokesters.  I first got on when I was browsing the net afterschool one day.  It was full of a bunch of idiots spamming some pitifully unfunny jokes. After a few minutes of nonsense however some people started talking about how to get into clubs when you’re 16 or 17!  It was awesome and I managed to get into a club in Chelsea later on the next week.
After my first experience, and after hitting up the club in Chelsea, I decided to chill in the Teen Flirt chat room for awhile.  I had some fun chats with a few girls and even started meeting up with some cool people and having loads of fun.  Over the next few weeks I started to spend a bit too much time on there.  I came home from school and would just get on and chat for hours and hours.  It was all because of this dumb chick of course (well -- two of them actually!) Heh!
I called them dumb in the paragraph above, but honestly they intrigued me so much I had to keep talking to them.  One girl, this cute little brunette who sent me her picture, seemed to know exactly what I was thinking most of the time, and the other was this fun little freaky girl who loved talking about "interesting" things.  Talking with these two was definitely interesting, and after about 2 months, the semester was coming to an end and we decided to meet up. 
Since we were both a bit worried about it being some weird old man pretending to be someone, we decided to make it a big friend get-together at the mall.  I brought my friend Tony, and she brought her friends Veda, Toni and Sonya.  We met at the Kings Mall shopping center to walk around and hang out. It was awesome.  I am going to be going out with her again in another two weeks (this was a week ago).  We would have gone out again sooner but she had to leave town.  Ill update you guys on how it’s going when I get a chance. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you in the chat rooms!”

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